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In this new opportunity we bring you a Terraria guide, where the objective is the precise explanation of how to beat Skeletron.

 Throughout Terraria we will go through many confrontations, there are many bosses as we move forward, if we want to access blocked content we must go through our first great battle, but we have to know how to beat Skeletron, in the following content are the answers necessary.

What to know about Skeletron in Terraria?

 There is an old man at the entrance of the dungeon, when talking to him taking into account the night, it is necessary because Skeletron must be invoked, with the help of our map it is possible to find the location of the dungeon, this is to the far right or left, it is possible that this varies according to the seed of our world, which forces us to go through both options, if we arrive during the day and meet the old man, he will tell us that it is necessary to return at night, it must That is when it will convert, the most precise details as to how to beat Skeletron come right now, let's read on.
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    How to beat Skeletron in Terraria?

     The first aspect to highlight is the elderly, if we become in health below 300 or our defense is below 10, it is not possible that we can lift the curse, therefore we will have to improve these aspects previously, we have the option of creating an armor or that we get to find the crystals that will help us increase our health, these are found underground, when invoking Skeletron, a head appears that has huge arms, mobility is through the blocks to seek to harm us, the head must be our focus point to beat him.

     This boss has two different attacks, one consists of a cut with his hands, the other is presented instantly as this roars, what happens is that his head begins to turn, if this is happening we can attack him, despite the fact that we The turns of his head will cause damage, it is also when he will be most vulnerable, here we will take advantage to give him everything and cause him a lot of damage, there is a factor of great importance to keep in mind, is that keeping the fight for a long time can dawn and even become day , which causes Skeletron to be more powerful and do more damage to us at the time of the turns of his head due to the increase in speed at that moment, upon defeating him, the old man will no longer be at the entrance of the dungeon so our access It can be whenever we want, this can bring some useful items, such as minor healing potions, Mask of Skeletron, Hand of Skeletron, book of skulls, Skeletron Trophy and a Chippy Stretcher, or the Habilida d Possessed and the Skeletron Relic, all for defeating this boss.

     With this we end this guide on how to beat Skeletron and knowing this we may continue to progress in Terraria.

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