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Warframe: Where to find tusk thumper spawn

2020-05-19 09:32:20

Guide on Where to find thumper Spawn in Warframe

 thumper Spawn (Tusk Thumpers) are new enemies you can fight on the plains of Eidolon in Warframe. If you are looking for new resources for your adventure then a battle against them is an excellent option, the problem arises from having to track them helps to know the Tusk Thumper generation locations and how these random encounters work. Because of this we will teach you where to find thumper Spawn during the game.

Where to find thumper Spawn in Warframe

Because Tusk Thumpers are random encounters, they can potentially appear when specific points are located at a certain distance.

The easiest way to find a Tusk Thumper is to use your Archwing to fly to the Tusk Thumper spawn locations and see if one appears.

If not, just go to the next location. At first, it shouldn't take long for one to appear, but after that, it has a potential cooldown of 3 minutes until the next can spawn.

How to Defeat a thumper Spawn

You should know that the level of thumper spawn that is generated depends on the level of the global map of the plains at that time. If your game mode is in a single free roam session, the most basic thumper spawn will spawn. If you are making a level 5 reward, the highest level thumper spawn will spawn.

To defeat one of the thumper spawn, simply shoot the armor plates from his legs, then hit the bright green weak spots below. The three different types of thumper  spawns have different amounts of health.

If you want to defeat them fast use a weapon or Warframe that can potentially slow down the thumper spawn since they can be launched quite quickly for such a large machine.

This implies that they can be great ways to grow large amounts of the things you need quickly because they can release large amounts of resources from the Eidolon Plains, such as resources derived from fishing and mining.

 With this simple guide to Where to find thumper spawn in Warframe the task should be much easier so don't despair, you can!

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Digital Extremes
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