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2020-09-21 12:04:33

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In the universe of Super Mario Sunshine we have many tasks, one of them is How to unlock turbo nozzle.

What to know about the turbo nozzle in Super Mario Sunshine?

We will find ourselves as we progress in the game with many collectibles, taking into account that each one of them also tends to have different difficulties to find them, in this guide we will talk precisely about How to unlock the turbo nozzle, so put a lot of effort into it. following content.

How to unlock turbo nozzle in Super Mario Sunshine?

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The progress of the story will be enough to guide us to the turbo nozzle, this is for the first levels of the game, it is necessary at some point to follow Shadow Mario, to which we will have to send him to fly with our FLUDD and in this way it will end releasing the turbo nozzle so that we can take it, from this point what happens is that it can appear in the next levels of the game in the breakable boxes and it will be very useful how much we are going to get the Shine Sprites that are going to be in places where normally we will not be able to get there, certainly we must consider how hidden it may be in the boxes, so we must explore enough.

Knowing how to unlock turbo nozzle is interesting, since it allows us to have better performance and fun in Super Mario Sunshine.

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