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Change the water level in Super Mario Maker 2. All the details, below.

In this opportunity we will be showing you how to change the water level in Super Mario Maker 2, since many players are probably asking that question.

Where to find the water icon in Super Mario Maker 2?

You should know that, the theme of the jungle of Super Mario Maker 2 you can only add water to a certain level. So you will not have the option to modify or add water to any of the other levels, at least not at present. Once you open the level of the jungle, you must click on the icon to find all the topics you can use, where you should find one outlined as a boat. This icon contains all the details that you can use in the course in order to adjust the water.

Keep in mind that while adjusting the water, the other elements of the course will stop moving.

How to change the water level in Super Mario Maker 2?

If you keep pressing the boat icon, you will notice a pop-up yellow bar, which will determine how high the water level will be at your level. If you hold down the yellow bar, you will change the maximum height of the water. By tapping the bar, you can modify the behavior of the water, changing it from high to low as you run through the level. Keep in mind that the height of the water could easily change the difficulty of running in your field.

You have the possibility to make the water remain elevated or fall, indicated by the arrows pointing up or down in the yellow bar. If you can not see the two arrows on the yellow bar, you will not be able to notice that the water reaches its maximum height to the minimum.

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