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2022-10-11 08:16:30

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Games often offer us modifications, let's see How to change name in Stumble Guys.

What does changing name in Stumble Guys imply?

Having the opportunity to apply a particular modification is that nicknames are not usually left fixed, there is the possibility of modifying them when we consider it necessary to do so, some games do not have this mechanism, however, in this game we have the possibility of changing it and here we will say what we must do to achieve it.

How to rename Stumble Guys?

This is a game mechanic that we can implement because sometimes we cannot be happy with some name that we have placed in the past, this is usually done quickly enough and for this we must:
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  • Click on the player's main menu in the top corner down the left side of our screen.
  • Next, we will see our character, level and crowns.
  • In the corner of the right side we will see a pencil that we can easily change for the nickname, and we only have to touch it or, failing that, the appropriate nickname to proceed to click on Buy.

It should be noted that the name change is a process that is usually free, there is no need to rush to change the name, I include, having an additional name change makes us spend 100 gems, which makes it very expensive, this implies that We should change the name only when necessary.

We can conclude this guide on How to change name in Stumble Guys, so that it will only be enough to follow the instructions detailed here and do it when it is really necessary.

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