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Stoneshard: How to cook with campfires

2020-02-10 10:18:23

The new challenges in Stoneshard lead us to the necessary explanation of How to Cook with Fire with precise details.

In Stoneshard we have many factors of great importance, between all those that we have the food, the water, we manage our space of the inventory and until cure our character, the opportunities of saving will be scarce, it will be vital that when our character is hungry, we must feed it quickly, it is possible that it is by means of the sellers, killing some animal in our trip also is possible, if this is the case it is important that we separate How to cook with bonfires and for that reason the content next will clarify the doubts on the matter.

What should we do before cooking with campfires in Stoneshard?

The first thing we have to consider is to take one of the wild animals that we found, to cook any raw food, in the barrels of the dungeons is possible that we find some animals, in our inventory in addition, we can notice that raw food we will be able to cook, when passing the mouse on these, we are going to notice the possible secondary effects that when consuming these cause, now let's see how to cook them next.

How to cook with fires in Stoneshard?

Once we already have determined what food we are going to cook, we look for the fire, in Osbrook we will find a house, in which it will be located to the left of the herbalist who sells medicines, to the south side of the city, entering the house we can set fire and cook, now when we are in the situation outside the world, we have to find a fire of the bandits, one that does not have flame we must locate, here to light it we will give right click, then to cook we have to right click on the cooking icon to add to the fire or the oven, this way the object we have chosen will be cooked and we will feed our character, until this moment of the game the deer and elk affected in the game will be releasing meat, which means that looking for meat will be focusing on these, although it is possible that we will chase the foxes and wolves but we must be clear that they do not release meat, in the next updates of the game, we will have secure access to other types of meat.

We can conclude that knowing How to cook with fire in Stoneshard is easier than we expected just trying it will be more than enough, highlighting that future updates will help one more food complement in our adventure.

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