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Stoneshard: How to manage the inventory space

2020-02-10 08:20:18

We will have in our guide the explanation of how to manage the inventory space being something important to know in Stoneshard.

  It is of great importance to consider what are the fundamental objects to take for a battle, either to perform cures, traps and have the handling of the loot that we are getting in Stoneshard, which will lead us to have the knowledge of how to manage the space inventory, we may find it difficult to control this but here in this guide we will find all the necessary answers, pay attention to the following content.

What is the inventory in Stoneshard?


 We have that the inventory in this game is made up of 50 slots, divided from 5 high to 10 long, will be occupied by all those objects that we find in the game, where some will occupy more spaces than others, the swords for example reach to occupy between 2 and 3 spaces, the shields 2, will depend on the case, there is also that we get to have this full inventory and we can lose to collect something, to have a well managed inventory will be the key to having all things in order, let's see More details now.


 How to manage inventory space in Stoneshard?


 Within our inventory we will find that by clicking on the self-selection button we will be able to access faster, this icon will be found on the screen in the central left part, or another way we do it is when we have our inventory open press the t button , in this way it will be possible to order the objects occupying the best positions of the inventory, in the moments that we have to select the most important objects it will be possible to find the situation that we are going to collect an object of more value, then we have to leave someone else to carry this, or we must even take into account the priorities regarding the object that we are going to collect compared to another one that we already have, in our trip it is clear that the objects of healing, drink and food will be of value.


 To take with us we have unique objects, these being the scrolls of disenchantment, identification, padlocks and purses, depending on the way we place them our capacity of space will depend, it is important that we leave a certain space for those only objects that we will surely find , taking into account what we will take with us is important, so as not to have problems in a dungeon when discovering those unique valuables and to be able to take them without problems in our inventory.

 In this way we have reached the end of our Stoneshard guide thus having the result to the solution of how to manage the inventory space and thus have a better control of the objects that we will find in our adventure.

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