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Stoneshard: How to fight the Archon

2020-02-10 10:29:49

At Stoneshard we find many challenges, in this guide we talk about How to Fight the Archon with the most important details explained here.

In the prologue where we will have the basic concepts of how to play in Stoneshard we will find the first battle against one of the bosses, in this stage we are captured by cultists, where we can make the escape to defend and save the survivors, the important thing here will be How to fight the Archon the main leader of this section and for them we have the content that will be exposed in this guide below.

How to fight the Archon in Stoneshard

We will now look at the solution to How to Fight the Archon and the stages of this battle:

Stage 1

In Stoneshard our first major rival will be the Archon, in the first stage of this battle, our opponent will perform the invocation of a shield with which to protect himself, which will not matter momentarily, we only have to focus on the 2 statues that are located at the sides of the shield, the one on the left is capable of causing damage from blood spikes under us exploding, which makes the area covered with blood, we have to dodge, we also have curse spells that we can not avoid, in the case of the statue on the right, this realization the invocation of the undead of a lot of body and cure, will be our battle against the statue on the left, but any will be the same in our intention of How to fight the Archon.

Taking into account the problem of the 2 we will attack we face to cause him harm, we have to keep in mind that if a living dead comes to us, we have to take care of it and return to the statue, the statue on the left will be emitting its attack of blood particles, jumping from the ground and going in the direction of the safe tile, when we manage to finish with one of the statues, our attacks and skills used against it will stop, our objective will be the next sea statue whatever our personal decision is, as to which we destroy first, now to understand How to fight the Archon in Stoneshard we will see the stage 2 of the combat.

Stage 2

We enter stage 2 in this initial battle of Stoneshard, once we finish with the 2 statues, we will see how the Archon stops by a transformation that leads to be a bat, being in this form will be possible to cause us great damage, with the attacks of greater intensity, bestial charge and ghost bats, at the instant that this realization any of these, we will be able to notice the direction in the anger the attack, if you perform the beastly charge for example, we will see a purple line on the ground in the direction of your attack, leaving this direction will be ideal to avoid it, in the case of ghost bats the difficulty will be greater to avoid and the damage is higher.

The melee attack is one of the skills of the Archon, where he makes a jump to have distance with us, and also a corpse eater, this skill allows him to reach any of the 7 corpses in the room to heal by eating them, to prevent him from healing we have no options, we just have to hit him with what we have at our disposal to attack, if we want to know how to fight the Archon these tips are of great importance.

What weapons and spells can we use to counter the Archon in Stoneshard?

Our options in which we keep the distance, due to the melee attacks received a lot of damage, if we get too close to the skills of this will be very strong to hit, the bow and arrow are our tactic to continue using, in addition to the spells that may have in the first part of Stoneshard, the precision of our bow if we can increase it, we will be dangerous to cause great damage against Archon, even more if we give him a critical hit, with the ability to aim our chances of causing greater damage will increase, if we have the passive ability of daggers, the combination of bow and daggers will be perfect.

The answers to How to Fight the Archon bring us to the stances that some of us can present in this combat, in this instance if we decide melee, we must put our confidence in a sword and shield, with the sword causing significant damage, only that they have free field our enemy to give us a strong blow.  What can become a kind of compensation, but if we accept the shield, we can endure more against Archon, if and only if it does not come to cause us great damage, the ability to increase the shield can be of great help to resist many strong attacks from this enemy, to give a fort to the health of Archon we can use the spell of bombardment of fire at the time that this is far enough away from us

We hope that the content presented in this How to Fight the Archon guide will be very useful for the fun in Stoneshard and the adventure that this representative.

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