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2020-10-02 10:59:00

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In this article we are going to cover everything you need to know about how to level up in Star Wars Squadrons.

What is Star Wars Squadrons?

Before telling you how to level up, you have to know that the title belongs to the space and air combat video game based on the fictional universe of Star Wars and that it was developed by Motive Studios and released just minutes ago for users of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In this video game it will be very important to level up and earn Glory and Requisition to unlock new cosmetics and ship parts. In this sense, this article has everything you need to know about how to level up.

How to level up in Star Wars Squadrons?

On how to level up in Star Wars Squadrons, you have to know that the game has several ways to level up and luckily leveling up in Star Wars Squadrons is quite easy. To do this you will have to get enough XP, this will allow you to level up in the squads and said XP is obtained by doing almost anything, including:
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  • Winning a match.
  • Playing your first game of the day
  • Destruction of capital ships or flagships in fleet battle.
  • AI kills.
  • XP bonus.
  • Complete a game.
  • Enemy squad kills.
  • Attend.
  • Support teammates.

Now that you know how you can level up in squads, we're going to tell you about some ways you can rack up XP to hit that max level cap in no time.

Play Fleet Battles against AI

Fleet Battles vs. AI is an incredibly practical way to rack up XP and level up quickly.

Set the difficulty to easy and eliminate all the enemies and complete the objectives to get a lot of XP.

Double XP events.

As the name implies, completing double XP events will allow you to get double XP by completing them, this will allow you to level up in each game or two without fail.

Playing with friends increases your chances of winning.

Although it does not matter if you are in Dogfight or Fleet Battles, accompanied by a friend you have greater possibilities and things are much more enjoyable. Besides of course, your teammates can give you support, although it is not the safest way to get extra XP since it also depends on the performance of your teammates.

  • Fleet battles are also another way to get XP in bulk.
  • Make sure you rack up kills and assists as this will also reward you.

Thus ends this article on how to level up in Star Wars Squadrons, we hope that now that the game has just been released, you will be able to level up as quickly as possible from the first moment.