Angel Marquez
2020-10-02 10:10:41

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Welcome to our Star Wars Squadrons guide where we will talk about How to change shields.

Why change shields in Star Wars Squadrons?

It is necessary to survive the different confrontations that we will have in the game, fights are not only won with offense, defense is also vitally important, so it is necessary to monitor the state of our shield, for this it is necessary to know how load shields, let's see the details in the next content.
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How to change shields in Star Wars Squadrons?

Charging the shields will allow our ship to maintain itself, preventing enemy fire from reaching us, the health of our ship cannot be recharged while that of the shields can, for this we will divert the energy in the direction of these, thus managing to maintain our defenses, once they have been weakened by the constant attacks, to give priority to these, with the square on the PS4 and the X on the Xbox One, additionally the button that points up and down on the d -pad, it is when we make the choice of shields, be they front or rear, it is necessary that we keep the buttons pressed for the transfer of energy to occur, until when we want according to our criteria, what we will do is release the buttons so that it stops the flow of energy.

It is evident that knowing how to change shields allows us to have better performance and fun in Star Wars Squadrons.