Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-05 07:30:56

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Guide to learn how to replay missions in Star Wars Squadrons

  When you play Star Wars Squadrons you will have to complete a series of missions as you progress through the game participating as a great pilot of the accords in the Star Wars universe, but it may be the case that you did not complete perfectly in any of these levels and you want to repeat it even when you don't know how. Do not worry! In this guide we will teach you how to do a mission again if you want to.

How to replay missions in Star Wars Squadrons?

As obvious as this may sound The first thing to know about replaying missions is that you must have completed the mission that you want to replay.
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Once you have finished a mission, you can access it by selecting Story mode from the main menu. Once there you can select the mission you want to redo by scrolling through the ones you have already completed.

If you just finished a mission and want to repeat it at the moment you can press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) to restart directly from the mission complete screen. That being said is enough.Don't forget to bring a droid like R2-D2 to watch your back!

  Now that you know how to
replay missions in Star Wars Squadrons you will be able to complete perfectly or do what you did not do while you were playing them before to achieve it successfully. Luck!