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2020-10-07 08:06:20

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With our Star Wars Squadrons guide you will learn more about How to fix HOTAS not working.

What to know about HOTAS not working in Star Wars Squadrons?

  One of the best games that HOTAS uses is this, due to the experience that can be achieved, a special piloting with unique combat in first person and in multiplayer, at this moment many of us are having problems when connecting the device, an error occurs in relation to operation, which makes it necessary to seek to understand How to fix HOTAS does not work does not work and in this guide the answers will be presented, let's see them.

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How to fix HOTAS not working on Star Wars Squadrons?

 There are many possibilities that can help us resolve this error, however it is appropriate that first we make sure that the peripherals connected are the HOTAS, since when the device PC is overloaded it can fail, what we will do then is remove everything and do a restart, we connect it again and it will probably work now, if this error persists what we will try is to deactivate the input configuration by Star Wars Squadrons, for this we will go to the library and with the right click on the game we will enter the properties, until we go to the Steam input configuration, a restart of the game is necessary here apart from also doing a forced as a choice in the menu.

 If the error persists, what we will do now is launch the Steam client, for this we enter it, the settings, controller and enter the general controller settings, it is important in this case that the Gamepad configuration is not marked, We save and try to launch the game again, then we will look for the HOTAS configuration, since it should appear as an eligible option and that is what we will do to be able to use the device, now if we find that the application cannot start Correctly, this is due to the fact that there are DLL files that are corrupt or lost, it is necessary that this be repaired if we want to end this error.

 Looking to solve How to fix HOTAS does not work our way now will take us to the Microsoft website, where we will download the most recent version of C for x86 and x64, when we do the installation and it is complete, we will do the restart of system to run the game, so this error must have been solved if we continue to execute the SFC command, starting from the system startup to seek to repair the file that has to be found corrupt, for this we press Windows R and write cmd, then it is It is necessary that we press Shift Ctrl Enter at the same time, the next thing is to write or paste sfc / scannow and press enter and the last thing is that this process is finished to restart the system, it is also possible to test the execution of DISM, reinstall DirectX or disable the Windows defense or antivirus for a possible solution.

 Finally, now that we know how to fix HOTAS not working, it is possible to restore this function to continue our fun in Star Wars Squadrons.

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