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2020-11-12 10:26:20

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The skins are a fundamental part in Spider-Man Miles Morales and this allows us to explain how to Switch Suits

How many costumes are available in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

It is necessary to consider that changing suits is usually a necessary and important activity even when it can become cosmetic, although it is true that there are some that are original framed, it is possible to mention some that have been incorporated in this installment, to the point of adding a total of 19 costumes, because with this it is possible to get some interesting and somewhat cooler changes in the protagonist.
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How to Switch Suits in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

It is good to use the suits to move with a little more tranquility around New York so that we can walk with different outfits.

To access the costumes it is necessary to press the Touch Pad.

Then press R1 to navigate to the suits tab.

Next we select the icon that is located on the upper left side and proceed to press X on the suits.

To change the suit, just press X on the suit that we consider feasible and seems more attractive.

It is necessary to be attentive since the suits usually have some necessary requirements to be eligible for them.

In this sense, knowing how to Switch Suits allows us to have the possibility of accessing different styles in Spider-Man Miles Morales, try it.

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