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2020-11-12 07:22:30

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Our today's about Spider-Man Miles Morales leads us to explain how to obtain activity sheets

What are the activity tokens in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

These are simply a type of necessary article in this game whose objective is to be useful to unlock some specific element that allows us to access the option of trajas and mods, as well as some gadgets, since these in some cases require being of a higher level, As we get into this game and we know how to obtain activity tokens, we can take them and in this way make the game become a bit more interesting to the point of being able to unlock them while at the end of the game, since these activity tokens they are simply one of the coins that can be dealt with some frequency.
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How to get activity tokens in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

Before moving on to our objective itself, it is necessary to clarify that not all types of activity are usually present when we start the game, since the idea is to achieve a balance in a way through the game, which is simply fantastic because they place us before a balance in relation to the current quest missions so that we can buy cosmetics and reinforce ourselves with some equipment as we progress.

One of the easiest options to get the activity tokens is by completing story missions, since the campaign as such presents us with a total of 16 main campaign missions where it is possible to get tokens, but we cannot stay alone with it, in such a way It becomes necessary to participate in other activities where it is possible to get money, as well as some collectibles that in the end can give us some activity cards.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of completing enemy Bases, which may well help us to get some amount of tokens as long as we meet some requirements for the combat, stealth or crossing challenge, and this can occur in the underground hideout or Roxxon Laboratories, as this challenge allows us to do it, achieve at least 60 hits in a hideout or simply complete it in a specific period of time.

Accumulating activity files may sound like something complex but in reality it is not, since this work allows us to work with the Spider-Man application of the Friendly Neighborhood, in such a way that we must enter between two possible actions that we get there, since these They are Crimes and Activities, in addition they do not present any particular difference in relation to the aforementioned options and are potential elements to obtain tokens.

 Now that you know how to get activity cards, it is time to embark on this interesting quest and make Spider-Man Miles Morales an attractive game and to which you dedicate some well-deserved time.

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