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Ambar Jimenez
2023-04-03 08:42:34

It is difficult to find at least one sports fan that has not heard about the FIFA series. This is one of the oldest and highly recognizable games in the industry. But it looks like FIFA 23 was the last game that was developed by Electronic Arts studios. The next installment in the franchise is about to be dramatically different. This makes people who have always used the game for sports betting and just a casual play – worrying. Because it is almost impossible to predict what the future is going to be for the series at this point. However, there are a couple of news worth spreading about the next game that is going to be developed by the well-known studio.

What Is The Name Of The Next Game?

It may sound shocking at first, but the name for the next installment is not going to be FIFA 24. It was officially announced by developers that it is going to be EA Sports FC. This new brand is not recognizable yet, but with enough time and effort put in it, the ending result can be quite impressive. The rebranding is needed, because the original rights owner from the FIFA organization is not happy with all microtransaction structure that Electronic Arts has built over the years. It created not the best reputation for the brand overall.

There are a couple of questions that are bothering fans at the moment:

  • How is it going to affect the FUT system?
  • Are there going to be fictional soccer stars or big players will remain in the game?
  • When is the game going to be released?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that despite the end of the partnership, there is no reason to be worried about licenses. Champions League, real soccer clubs and even big superstars of the industry – all of them remain in the game, except for FIFA related stuff, like the World Cup. This is all thanks to the FIFPRO deal that allowed developers to have original players, despite having lost rights for the major branding.
When it comes to the FUT or Ultimate Team system, it is going to be a little bit different this time. According to the official development team at EA Sports, they are moving in the direction of a new pack system that is going to increase the overall chance to receive a good player with every new pack unpacking. This is a practice that is used by many other sports related games, like NBA2K or WWE2K serieses. This is another major thing that should help in promoting the game.

When This Game Is About To Release?

It is important to notice that at this point, there are no official release dates stated by developers. However, it is still possible to find some rumors from reputable insiders that are pointing at an early fall release schedule. It means the game is about to come out by the end of September or October 2023. Feels like it can be a beginning for a new legendary sports video game series.


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