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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-16 15:26:12

Guide to learn how to fix the autofail mission error in Second Extinction

 Systemic Reaction's multiplayer FPS has endured its fair share of issues since launch, but one of its most recent issues is breaking the game for early access players so Second Extinction has been busy trying to fix this issue.

The error of the mission of autofallo, is very problematic, because it makes it impossible to play for those who try to put their dinosaur enemies to the test. Threads have appeared on the Steam community forums that have raised this issue. Therefore, this time we will talk about whether it is possible to solve this error or not.

How to fix the autofail mission error in Second Extinction?

Based on what many users have said on the forums, starting a new mission is currently impossible, as the level ends as soon as they reach their capsules. Users are greeted with an auto-failure message once their character leaves their landing zone, and the developers have yet to resolve the issue.

Other players are having a bit more luck but, many others without so much luck are reaching the middle of the level before the game crashes and releases the same message of failure.

As this bug is relatively new, there is no official fix for it yet, unfortunately. The Systemic Reaction recently introduced the game's hotfix, which has fixed some annoying issues, so this could be the reason for this new bug. Developers may already be working on the bug to finally fix it.

  With everything that has been said so far about how to fix the autofail mission error in Second Extinction we will have to wait for the platform and the game to unofficially say that they are working on it, in the meantime we can only wait.

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