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2020-10-16 08:37:07

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Guide to learn how to save in Vigil The Longest Night

 A new game has come on the market called Vigil The Longest Night, and for the comments it has received good reviews. This game turns out to be a mixture of genres so it cannot be included in one, but what can be noticed is that it has a great inclination to the classic style of play, or at least that seems when you see the mechanics of certain things for example you can see that you have to do manual saving. When you die, you do not lose a type of coin, then you reappear in a certain place to try again to collect what you have lost. In Vigil, when you die, you die, it's game over. You have to reload that save, and all progress made disappears.

This all sounds very troublesome, right? For this reason, you are surely wondering if there is a way to do something How to save in the game, if so, this Guide is for you. Stay to know more about it!

How to save to Vigil The Longest Night?

When you are walking around the world you will come across statues of owls; These statues are the way to save the game. You have to get closer and press the analog stick to open a window. In this window there are three options: Save, Load and Teleport.

The game will automatically save every time you interact with an owl statue, but it is not reliable. In this menu, click Save and then choose a slot to save manually. Every owl statue you find, you should save it manually. It's that easy.

It may be the case that you save and then die 5 minutes later, those 5 minutes of progress no longer exist; there is no way to get them back. It does not reappear on the edge of the screen, ready to go again. It is a Game Over; you have to load a save to continue.

Two objects will help you in this endeavor. The first is the arcane item, the Owl Feather, and you get it next to the first Owl statue. This item allows you to teleport to the last statue you interacted with. This is a great advantage as you can save the progress you have made when you find yourself in big trouble. Also, in terms of experience, teleporting to the last Owl statue you have used, turns out to be very useful in terms of conserving your advances.

The second item is called the Pending Blood Soul, after the second Owl statue you come across. This item allows the user to save the game anywhere and anytime without using an owl statue. Using this item, let's say just before a boss you have also died before

 Now that you know how to save in Vigil The Longest Night you can keep your games without losing everything you have in the game, so you will take away a worry while you are fighting against a strong opponent. Luck!

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