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Valorant: How To fix a ban Account

2020-06-10 10:46:14

Are you banned in Valorant ?, Today we prepare an article in which we are going to tell you how to fix a ban account.

How the banning system works in Valorant.

The truth is that this title has one of the strictest ban systems when it comes to cheating, so in case a player is caught cheating he will be banned immediately and the player is not only prohibited from using his account, but also its hardware, so your computer will be locked and you will not be able to enter from the same PC.

This system was implemented since the closed beta was launched and it was at that moment that a lot of players were banned by cheats, however, the surprise took them to realize that when the game was launched completely they were also banned, so they wonder how they can get back into the game.

How to fix a ban account in Valorant.

Unfortunately we have to tell you that until now there is no way to circumvent the ban of an account in the game. Fortunately for many players, the developers removed the ban on some accounts whose failures were not as serious and did not pose a greater risk. However, the number of pardoned accounts is quite small, so most are still banned and probably still will be.

Many were the ones who tried to communicate with the developers to get a pardon but it was useless, many even said that above all the young players deserved a second chance, but the developers have simply turned a deaf ear.

 This is all there is on how to fix a ban account in Valorant, unfortunately it is difficult for developers to unlock an account without further ado, so if yours is still banned the best thing will be to repent and play correctly but from another computer.

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