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Sea of Thieves has interesting activities for us, let's see how to use the merchant resource boxes.

What are merchant boxes in Sea of Thieves?

These are a type of resources necessary to supply our ship, as it is an important action, only it is vital to make it clear that it is not a painless or economical process, these boxes allow us to get some necessary supplies, since this stage in which we find, it is related to the period of looting the barrels of some outpost.

How to use merchant resource boxes in Sea of Theives?

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    Our first task is to have enough gold because it is necessary to go directly to the seller of the "Commercial Alliance", this can occur at the dock of any outpost, after that it is pertinent to examine the resources and raw materials, considering purchasing the following:

    • Fruit crate worth 3,500 Gold and will carry bananas.
    • Wooden Crate worth 3,500 Gold will be filled with supplies.
    • Cannonball Box worth 5,000 Gold will be filled with supplies.
    • Storage Crate - worth 17,500 Gold will be empty can be filled with looting done in outposts.

    When buying the resource boxes we must consider that these are not usually available to the crew immediately, it is only necessary to choose to wait three days in the game or one hour in real life, in addition, the resupplies usually occur at 6:00 hours in the game in the morning, we must also bear in mind that the boxes cannot be sold to the merchant from whom we have bought them.

    This is all you need to know about how to use the Merchant Resource Boxes, so just get into the game and use them to your advantage at Sea of Thieves.

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