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2020-11-05 09:39:22

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Today we bring you a guide to PS4, aiming to explain how to use your phone like a remote control.

Why use your phone as a remote control on the PS4?

In order to play remotely in the same way that is already a reality in other platforms, it is about taking entertainment to greater possibilities, if so, it is necessary to understand how to use your phone as a remote control, for that purpose. we have to focus on the details offered by the following content, let's do it.

How to use your phone like a remote control on the PS4?

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The first thing is to download the application, after this we open it, log in to access it, we connect our phones to the same network as the PS4, then we must go to the connection settings of the application mobile phone in this to add the device, then we go to our phone to choose the PS4 as a connection, on the PS4 screen it is necessary to enter the phone number, finally we are only going to load the application and so we can play games of the console on the phone.

It is clear that knowing how to use your phone
like a remote control allows us to have more fun with PS4 games.

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