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We continue our tour of Sea of Thieves and this time we do not bother to tell you how to collect soul fragments

What are soul frangments in Sea of Thieves?

These are simply a series of necessary elements that we must choose to collect in this game, feet themselves are an important part of this game, which allows us to venture into a new event called "Champions of souls", because the idea of this participate in a collection by the Order of Souls.

How to collect soul fragments in Sea of Thives?

To achieve them it is simply necessary to defeat an undead enemy, but specifically these fragments can only be taken from the enemies that may be stronger, this is usually done in this way because there are some variations when the pirates return from death, and it is necessary to be careful before the possibilities that these offer in relation to the quantities of fragments.
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Here is a list of the number of Soul fragments that can be obtained:

  • 2 Soul Fragments in the Flame Heat Battle or Ghost Ship Voyage and this usually occurs on the Ghost Ship.
  • 10 Soul Fragments during the bounty trip or a normal encounter with the Skeleton Captain.
  • 25 Soul Fragments featuring the Master of Keys in Shen Guardian.
  • 50 Soul Fragments by finding Skeleton Forts and this is done with Lord Skeleton.
  • 50 Soul Fragments with Lord Skeleton alone.
  • 50 Soul Fragments in the Fireheart Flagship with the Burning Blade.

 This event consists of obtaining the amount of 500 soul fragments, and we can start this search from February 4 to February 8, which makes it a task to be executed as soon as possible, because in this way we must hurry and struggle to catch up with our work, for speed has significant value here.

Definitely, knowing how to collect soul fragments allows us to have the possibility of participating in the most recent event that brings us Sea of Thieves.

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