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Our guide today on Genshin Impact lets us talk about Dainsleif Q&A, let's see.

Who is Danisleif in Genshin Impact?

It should be noted that this version 1.3 of the game allows us to have more characters and resources to be able to have fun during this month, and exactly Dainsleif is one of those new characters that we have and that it is necessary to ask him to join us only that he requires us to tell with some important requirements, on the one hand it has 500 arrears and on the other hand 3 questions for which there is no kind of right or wrong answer.

What are Dainsleif's questions and answers on Genshin Impact?

It is possible to start the crisis that Mondstadt faced was resolved with an alliance between you and that Archon of Anemo, who calls himself Venti, here we find this question:

Who, in your opinion, was key to ending this crisis?

For this, these response options are necessary:

  • It was me.
  • It was Venti.
  • The unity of the people of Mondstadt gave us victory.

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    Based on the argument Rex Lapis who has defended the port of Liyue for millennia, he used his Gnosis to downplay a Contract to End All Contracts, the stipulations of which are unknown, this question arises:

    Who do you think will defend Liyue Harbor in the future, now that they have lost their deity?

    For this, it is possible to use any of these response options:

    • The liyue Qixing.
    • The adept.
    • All in the Liyue port.

    Finally, "in this world there are people who obtained Visions and others who did not" based on this, this question arises:

    Which of the two do you think is more important in the eyes of the gods?

    • Here is the answer that can be indicated.
    • Those who do not have Visions.
    • Those who have Visions.
    • Maybe… none of them.

    In this sense, knowing what Dainsleif questions and answers are allows us to choose to get a new one who can join us at Genshin Impact

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