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Welcome to our final guide of the year! To bring 2022 to a close, we're going to look to the future; check out what we can expect from RuneScape 3 in 2023. Since we're looking to the future, with all that is bright and new, why not get a shiny new RS3 account? Many great sites provide exceptional accounts, ready to play and filled with attributes tailored to you.

A Curious Document?

Deep within the wilderness, a document has been discovered. It is covered in a layer of thick dust and ash and bound by a powerful spell. Only those of strength and wisdom can break the spell. Are you up for the challenge?

Thankfully, the first part of the document has been deciphered due to the hard work of players like yourself! This decoding has led to some mysterious calculations by an anonymous author.

"The price you have to pay will be reduced by at least 80% compared to the current cost of death…"

So, the first exciting update for RS3 in 2023 is reducing the cost of death! With this being said, let's explore exactly what this means.

The Cost of Death

We'll first check out the current cost of death, the range of object value, percentage costs, and maximum return value.

Range of Object Values

Percentage Costs 

Max Return Value



















Highest Possible Return Value


 This table showcases the current way of the RuneScape world, but things are changing in 2023, so let's take a look at what's to be expected.

New Cost of Death

Range of Object Value

Percentage Cost

Max Return Cost




Minimum return costs 

of 100 gold coins per

stack item

To better understand, we have also offered another table that shows a few examples of what the reduced percentage will look like at different levels.

Object Value 

Current Return Costs

Return Costs of 0.1%






























2,147,483,647 (max)




For Jagex to accommodate and implement these changes, they had to account for them, creating adjustments elsewhere in the RS3 economy. The cost of death accounts for as high as 62% of the Gold removed from RuneScape 3. So, to compensate for this, they introduced a sales tariff of 2% in the large market hall.

This means that when you sell something, you receive 2% less Gold—a slight inconvenience to some but a small price to pay to balance the economy.

What else is new?

To kick off the new year, not only have the death rates been changed, but Jagex has also introduced a few other features. Let's take a look!

  • A new user interface design!
  • A new "overflow inventory" feature, so users don't lose any items on a second death!
  • Sacrificing objects have been removed!
  • The item return time limit of 24 hours will be removed!
  • Various changes to items with fixed return costs!

Franks Free Chest

Aside from interface updates and changes to the foundation of the much-loved RS3, you can also participate in a member's quest to kick off the new year. Before the first update on the 9th, there will be an adventure to get the party started; Franks Free Chest.

Redbeard Frank from Port Sarim has found himself a treasure! From January 4th, you can go to him and earn pirate keys. Each day you will receive one key upon logging in, then one for every hour played. However, you can only make a maximum of 12 keys per week.

The keys received upon login will be placed in your inventory, but if you wish, you can store them in your currency bag. The keys you earn from playing end up directly in your bag, meaning there's no need to worry about inventory when taking on bosses and other quests.

Use the keys on the chest and earn incredible loot; we have compiled a short list below to show some of the excellent finds:

  • Unexplored island cards(including red)
  • 100,000,000 gold coins
  • Dragon tools

This is just a small collection of what's up for grabs. Ironman accounts can get all prizes on offer, excluding dragon tools and gold coins.

Jagex has designed this event to reward players for the time they dedicate to RS3 and explore new rewarding methods. The keys can be acquired between January 4th and January 31st. After that, you can attempt to open Franks Free chest until February 28th, after which point the event will come to an end.

Happy New Year - See you on the other side!

Thank you to our readers for choosing us to see out the new year with their gaming guides! Thank you all for trusting us to see you through 2022 and gaming. We sincerely hope that all guides this year have helped our readers make their way through the gaming world effortlessly. We hope to see you all again in 2023 with the latest and greatest of the gaming world!

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