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We welcome you to our guide on How to beat the maze in Royale High.

What to know about the labyrinth in Royale High?

It is an area in Wickery Cliffs that was added in the form of a Halloween celebration, being through this labyrinth we will go through complex situations, we will meet ghosts that seek to trap us, looking for help in what to do to overcome the labyrinth we can guide ourselves with the details that it offers this guide below.

How to beat the maze in Royale High?

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We start by going to Wickery Cliffs to enter the trick or treat area, on the right we will be in Mt. Blackwood Cavern, along the middle path we will go to find a pumpkin on the right, up there will be some green rocks black, the next thing is to go in the direction of the lights to now jump down, here we continue following the lights straight to jump again and we will go to the right, turn right down where we will notice a candle floating, near the end of the cliff there is a chest on the opposite side, we must ignore it to turn to the right and we will jump straight.

We continue along the black and green rocks to go through a black portal, we have to jump to the ledge and go to the right, again we will go to the right heading down, to the left we turn where there will be some lights, walking we will be with the candle floating, continuing to the left we must jump over the wall looking to get to the top, being here we will go to the right to jump down again and find ourselves with a purple crystal in front, to the left now we will arrive with the black wall and the end of the labyrinth.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to beat the maze in Royale High has been very useful for your fun and progress in the game.

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