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In Rocket League universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get player anthem in Rocket League and here it will be covered.

What to know about the player's anthem in Rocket League?

  It is a customization function that allows us to listen to a song while we are playing, now knowing how to do it can cause us doubts and to solve them in this guide it will be indicated what to do to obtain the player's anthem considering the following details.

How to get the player's anthem in Rocket League?

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It is necessary to unlock this through the challenge and its rewards or with the rocket pass, these are small challenges that are divided into daily, weekly and seasonal ones, while the seasonal ones are the most complex and the daily ones are the simplest, with the purchase of the rocket pass we have rare Anthems rewards when playing, although we have the option to buy them in the item shop, now it is possible to access the Rocket League Ost Vol.1 Player Album that brings with it 5 songs at the beginning of the game, among which we can choose to listen while we play and these are the following:

  • Angel Wings by Mike Ault (ft. Avianna Acid)
  • Flying Forever by Mike Ault (with Morgan Perry)
  • I May Be Mike Ault (with Crysta)
  • Love Through the Night by Mike Ault
  • We speak Chinese from Mike Ault and Abandoned Carnival


  We can customize the anthems and for this we have to go to the main menu choosing profile, in the case of those of us on the console we go to the options with the D-pad and we will choose the player's anthem, on the PC we have the use of the arrow keys to get to this by choosing Anthem player, we will see the list of them available to choose the song to our liking, by doing so it will be playing every time we play.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to obtain the player's anthem in Rocket League has been very useful for your fun and progress in the game.

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