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If you want to know how to start Llama event in Rocket League, you are in the right place to find out, as we will cover everything about it.

What to know about Llama event in Rocket League?

  It is an event that brings with it 5 challenges, which have to be completed within 30 days after starting the event, which will lead to getting a lot of XP and exclusivity, it is certainly with a limited time and to understand how start the Llama event let's move on to the next details in this guide.
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    How to start Llama event in Rocket League?

     The event begins on September 26 once DJ Slushi enters the Royale party, he will release a new song in full concert, the challenges that are 5, allow us to unlock some cosmetics for free by completing them, it is important That the epic game account is verified and once we have launched Fortnite is that we will do it, many of the rewards we will receive automatically, taking into account that for each of the challenges a comment is obtained and in the end we will have access to a more interesting prize, which is the skin of the battle bus, we must highlight the double XP as a reward as well and the duration of the event is 30 days, so it will end on October 26, there is certainly a lot of time to get the most out of the 5 challenges.

     In conclusion, knowing how to start Llama event is interesting, because we can advance further in this incredible and moving game such as Rocket League.

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