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Returnal has come to entertain us and therefore it is ideal to explain how to use the reconstructor.

What is the reconstructor in Returnal?

  This is simply a large alien device with which we get in this game, in such a way that knowing how to use the reconstructor leads us to locate it in the first place, in addition to understanding that it usually requires ether, we must also understand that this it is usually a useful enough resource that it cannot be overlooked.
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    How to use the reconstructor in Returnal?

     This usually works as a type of anchor or simply a save point, especially considering that this game has a save that is not usually the traditional one, this allows us to have the advantage that when we die we can reappear in the reconstructor that we have used Instead of appearing at the beginning, which undoubtedly represents a type of advantage, but this does not stop there because we will have the possibility of losing the fault or parasites when returning to the biome in which the reconstructor is located, can this sense be It is necessary to be clear that there are different rooms in this game, but specifically there are two particular ones, this one contains rectangular and triangular doors.


    •  Rectangular doors are usually for our main path.
    • Triangular doors are usually for additional rooms.


     This game allows us to have a number of objects and gadgets in the rooms, and there is even the possibility of finding the reconstructor right there, however, reappearing is an interesting strategy when we want to go to a new biome, since the reconstructor can precisely be used to establish a spawn point, in addition to restoring us to full health.

    It should be noted that activating the reconstructor to change biome is not exactly the right thing to do, we can affirm this because the reconstructor usually contains ether and this is not a resource that tends to be obtained very regularly, in this sense, the reconstructor is undoubtedly some an element that can be highly favorable in the case of boss fights, as this can prevent us from losing the progress we have made.

     We can conclude this guide on how to use the reconstructor, so it is ideal to be aware and use it in Returnal when it is really necessary.

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