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Welcome back, adventurers, to the mystical world of Middle-earth in Return to Moria. In this exciting expansion of the Lord of the Rings Online, the crafting process has become even more intricate and rewarding. One of the most sought-after materials is leather, which is essential for creating armor, weapons, and other useful items. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of obtaining leather in Return to Moria, with a specific focus on setting up the Loom, the key crafting station for leather.

How To Get Leather In Return To Moria

Section 1: Setting Up the Loom

To begin your leather crafting journey, you must first set up the Loom, a crafting station that will enable you to transform raw materials into the valuable leather. However, before you can construct the Loom, you need to gather two essential resources: Ubasam Wood and Silver.

Ubasam Wood can be found deep within the mines of Moria. As you venture into the depths, keep an eye out for Ubasam Trees, which can be harvested for their precious wood. Once you have gathered enough Ubasam Wood, you will need to combine it with Silver, another resource found within the mines, to construct the Loom.

Obtaining Silver requires a specialized tool, the First Age Pickaxe. This pickaxe can be crafted using 1 Black Diamond, 3 Steel Ingots, and 4 Ubasam Wood. The Black Diamond can be obtained by mining Obsidian in the mines and refining it. Steel Ingots can be created through the smelting process using Iron Ore and Coal. Once you have all the required materials, head to the crafting station and create your First Age Pickaxe.

With your First Age Pickaxe in hand, you are now ready to venture deeper into the mines to gather the necessary resources for your Loom.

Section 2: Gathering Materials for Leather

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To create leather, you will need 1 Hide and 3 Salt. Hides can be crafted by combining 3 Resin and 3 Hide Scraps. Resin can be obtained by chopping down Ubasam Trees, while Hide Scraps can be looted from various creatures in the mines.

Salt, on the other hand, is obtained while harvesting Silver in the deep mines. As you mine the precious ore, you will occasionally come across pockets of salt. Be sure to use your First Age Pickaxe to extract the salt efficiently. It's worth noting that the deeper you venture into the mines, the more abundant the salt pockets become.

Section 3: Crafting Leather

Now that you have gathered the required materials, it's time to craft the leather. Head back to your Loom and place the Hide and Salt in the appropriate slots. The Loom will then begin the process of transforming these materials into beautiful, supple leather. Be patient, as it may take some time for the leather to be ready.

Once the leather is crafted, you can use it to create a wide range of items, including armor, weapons, and bags. The Loom also enables you to continue crafting other resources, such as thread and cloth, which are essential for various crafting professions.

Congratulations! You have successfully navigated the intricate process of obtaining leather in Return to Moria. By setting up the Loom, gathering specific resources, and utilizing them correctly, you now have an abundant supply of leather for all your crafting needs. Whether you're crafting powerful armor to protect yourself in battle or fashioning intricate bags to carry your treasures, leather is an invaluable resource.

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