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Uncover the secrets of How to Find Narvi’s Muznakan Carvings in Return to Moria. Start your epic quest today!

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to find Narvi's Muznakan Carvings in the thrilling quest, Return to Moria. In this quest, players are tasked with locating four missing carvings that hold significant value. We understand that finding these hidden treasures can be challenging, so we're here to provide you with a detailed walkthrough to help you uncover all four carvings and complete the quest successfully.

How to Find Narvi’s Muznakan Carvings in Return to Moria

 Locating the First Carving - The Elven Quarter

The first carving can be found in the abandoned building located in the Elven Quarter. As you enter the area, keep an eye out for the building hidden beneath a veil of old wood furnishings. Once you've located the building, thoroughly explore the area, moving aside any debris or furniture that may be concealing the carving. Remember to be meticulous in your search, as the carving may be tucked away in a corner or hidden beneath a pile of rubble.

Discovering the Second Carving - Abandoned Building with a Broken-Down Forge

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The second carving is housed in another abandoned building, this time equipped with a broken-down forge and furnace. As you enter the area, pay attention to any potential clues that may lead you to this building. Once inside, search the windowsills carefully, as the second carving can be found resting on one of them. Be sure to thoroughly examine each windowsill to avoid missing this valuable artifact.

 Unearthing the Third and Fourth Carvings - Goblin Camps:

To find the third and fourth carvings, you'll need to venture into the nearby goblin camps. Both carvings are hidden inside Orc chests, guarded by human goblins. To gain access to these chests, you'll need an Orc Key, which can be obtained by defeating the guards. Once you have the key, locate the goblin camps and defeat the guards to unlock the chests. Inside each chest, you'll not only find the carvings but also valuable loot, including 5x Steel Ingots, 2x Sapphires, 30x Gold Coins, and 2x Crafting Schematics.

Utilizing Found Items for Challenging Areas:

Now that you have successfully located all four carvings, it's important to understand the usefulness of the items you have acquired. The Steel Ingots can be used to craft powerful weapons and armor, enhancing your combat abilities and ensuring your survival in the challenging areas of LotR: Return to Moria. The Sapphires can be sold for a handsome amount of gold coins or used to create enchantments for your gear, further increasing your power. The Crafting Schematics will provide you with valuable knowledge on how to create unique and powerful items, giving you an advantage in your journey.

Congratulations on successfully finding all four of Narvi's Muznakan Carvings! By following our friendly guide, you have unlocked these hidden treasures and completed the quest in Return to Moria. We hope that our detailed walkthrough has been useful in your adventure. Remember, exploration is key in uncovering secret treasures, so always be thorough in your search. We have confidence in your abilities, and we're sure you'll continue to thrive in your journey through the world of LotR. Happy gaming!

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