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Angel Marquez
2022-09-22 16:15:26

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The action in Return to Monkey Island does not stop, which will lead us to explain how to get the mop in Return to Monkey Island.

What to know about the mop in Return to Monkey Island?

  It is something that we will need quickly in the game, which will be useful for our progress, now without us having any indication of what we should do for it, it is appropriate to have the guidance of this guide regarding How to get the mop in Return to Monkey Island and for this we must pay attention to the following content, let's see it.

How to get the mop in Return to Monkey Island?

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What we will do start with the interaction with the mayor on LeChuck's ship to get a job, in this we will go to the dock to read a poster of Carla's re-election, her slogan will be useful to us later, so we will write it down, with the cook from the Scumm bar we have to interact to access the borrowed mop, we will take a rope that is near the kitchen to go to the statue of Carla located on Low Street, and we will read her plate, it is necessary to buy a knife and the frog of forgiveness in the international house of Mojo and with this we will go to the governor's mission to get the ingredients book, as for How to get the mop in Return to Monkey Island we have to write an apology to Carla we will use the frog of forgiveness and the pen, placing 6 phrases appropriate, indicating that Dear Carla sorry for losing the book I borrowed, then we will use her slogan for the third sentence, then with any way we close the apology.

 With that apology we access the book of ingredients, we will go to the bar to give it to the cook, when he looks distracted we use the knife to carve a piece of the mop, leaving to give the wood chip to Wally in Maps-n-More on Low Street to access a map where the mop tree will be, this is something random, and we must follow it to carve the command on the tree, combining this with the rope we access our mop.

 In conclusion, knowing how to get the mop in Return to Monkey Island is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in this game.

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