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2022-09-22 08:48:47

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Find out how to fix the NBA 2K23 error code E-82000000 in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about the NBA 2K23 error code E-82000000?

  This is a problem that prevents us from playing the game, this is because we cannot connect to the servers, this can happen because they are very saturated, this being the main cause of the error, looking to know how to fix the error code E- 82000000 of NBA 2K23 it is necessary that we turn our attention to the following content.

How to fix NBA 2K23 error code E-82000000?

  We have some options to apply that will be useful to us in terms of How to fix the NBA 2K23 error code E-82000000 and these are the following:
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Check serverr status: we must verify if the servers are working, for this we can use websites such as and confirm it.

Keep everything updated: it is important to be up to date with the graphics drivers, the game and the operating system, for each version that arrives there are new revisions, therefore we must be up to date with them.

Clear cache: Sometime temporary files and data that are cached can get corrupted, which will cause network problem, crash or delayed loading of the game, so it is timely regarding How to fix error code E-82000000 of NBA 2K23 to clear the cache or fix it from our PC, even game data may need to be cleared.

Change DNS settings: A server that has faulty DNS can make our network connection quality poor, so we can use Google DNS or some other provider's address to change them to the default ones.

 It is evident that knowing how to fix NBA 2K23 error code E-82000000 allows us to return to our fun and progress that we have with the game.

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