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Angel Marquez
2022-09-22 15:11:49

More about: Return to Monkey Island

This time we return with a guide with the objective of explaining how to join LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island.

What to know about LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island?

It is about Captain LeChuck's ship, which we must join, only that doing so requires some things, among which a mop and a costume stand out, being our first challenge of the game to face, it is opportune to guide us on How to join the crew by LeChuck in Return to Monkey Island and for that we have the following content, let's see it.

How to join LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island?

The first thing we will do is get the mop, this will take us to the Scumm Bar kitchen, here we will get it while we are attentive to a client, we must locate a mop mango tree that is extinct, which follows in How joining LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island is that we go to Low Street to enter Wally's map shop, talking to him, we indicate that we are looking for a sample of tree wood with a mop handle, and he will make us a map, before When we leave we can take the monocle from the nearby cabinet, they are free and can be useful to us later.
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We will now cross the street to reach the voodoo shop, in the middle there is a knife and a frog, the latter is the frog of forgiveness that we can use to apologize to Carla, but it requires different components, we must consult with the plate from Low Street and Carla's election poster to the left of the Scumm Bar on the docks, as for How to join LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island we'll get the name of an island, we go into inventory to use our pen on top of the frog to write the apology, we will send it to her with the appropriate details.

We have to go to the governor's mansion to give the frog to Carla, when we are forgiven we can use a book from her shelf, which is known for ingredients, then as for How to join LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island we have to return to the bar, we will give this to the cook to make the food for the client, with our knife when noticing him distracted we will carve a splinter from our mop to give it to Wally to get the map, this will take us to the forest to enter a labyrinth, with the map we will know which way to go, something that is random, here there are carnivorous plants, purple flowers and bright mushrooms, through the map we will determine which way to go, what will take us to the mop mango tree, with the knife we ​​will cut it.

The last thing we will do to get the mop is to go to the shipyard which is practically empty, but there is a strange mass here that we will take, it is a sponge that when combined with the handle and arm becomes the mop, the next thing we will do in terms of How to join LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island is to get a costume, this places us with a magical eye patch, which is in the museum located in front of the entrance to the forest labyrinth, it will be in a showcase, what we will do is combine the pair of monocles in our inventory to make them strong, with this we examine the showcase to access a key, we enter the warehouse to take the box of parrot food.

We have to go to Locke Smith to give him the number we wrote down to get the key to the showcase, we have to give him the parrot food to take some cookies for her, again in the museum we have to feed the parrot with the cookie, as for How to join LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island next is to use the key to get the eye while the parrot eats, but this eye won't work if you don't have its magic items, for that we'll go to the Voodoo lady in the store to show it to him, he will indicate that it requires a bite of a thousand needles to reactivate the magic of the eye, it is simple to obtain, we will return to the carnivorous plants of the forest to remove the head with the knife and by giving this to the Voodoo lady the eye will be recharged.

We will have solved with the elements that are required regarding How to join LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island, such as the mop and the costume with returning to the dock to use the eye, we approach the Iron Rose quartermaster with the costume and by showing him the mop is going to go, and we can board the ship.

This is all there is to know about how to join LeChuck's crew in Return to Monkey Island, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it.

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