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Lidia Rozo
2021-05-07 16:59:56

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We are still looking for artifacts in Resident Evil Village and this makes it convenient to tell you where to find lock picks

What are the picks used for in Resident Evil Village?

  As we progress we usually get some things that actually require certain artifacts, specifically lockpicks are a type of tool necessary to open containers, because as we will see most of these are usually closed, the detail is that here the lockpicks are only usually Usable once, because when fulfilling their function they are usually destroyed.

Where to find lock picks in Resident Evil Village?

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Below we leave a list of the lock picks obtained so far, in case we find more we will keep this guide updated, for now these are the ones found:

  •  Lock Pick 1: This is obtained after defeating the sisters and this usually occurs in the room next to the kitchen of Dimitrescu's castle.
  • Lock Pick 2: we usually get it when one of the sisters chases us, specifically in the armory, to get us the lock on the table.
  • Lockpick 3: it is necessary to find the mask of joy and this is found in the attic.
  • Picklock 4: we get this artifact in the well that is usually behind the house in West Old Town.
  • Picklock 5: we get this one in the garden of a small house, for this it is necessary to defeat the boss of the dolls.
  • Picklock 6: This is usually found at the bottom of the well to the north of the mountain stream.
  • Lock Pick 7: to get it you need to search an underground part of the Heisenberg factory.

 Now that you know where to find lock picks, it's time to dive into this search and get these tools to open containers in Resident Evil Village.

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