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In the universe of Resident Evil Village we have many tasks, one of them is How to escape the monster baby and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Resident Evil Village?

When we find ourselves in the Beneviento house it is time to face many horror situations, going through different puzzles that relate to a dissectable doll in a cesspool, but everything gets worse when we are chased by a monster baby, which puts us in a chase, and therefore it is necessary to understand How to escape the baby monster, then to support ourselves we can consult the details in the following content.

How to escape the monster baby in Resident Evil Village?

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We find him watching the elevator and the safe, which will make us run until we return to the main room where the save point is, the place of the puzzle and the doll, then what we will do here is go to the right To enter the laboratory, here we are presented with a couple of possibilities, hide in the locker or use the table to face the baby monster, the option of hiding seems to be the most logical, when we get here the baby monster throws the table the other way of the room and ends up leaving, after that we will be safe in Resident Evil Village for a while at least.

What we will do in terms of How to escape the monster baby now is to return to the corridor to the elevator, we will open the switch box with the key, inside there is a relief object of a child, which is necessary to find the fuse, near here is a white door through which we continue, we will arrive at a study which turns out to be the same one where we made the puzzle of the movie, when entering the hidden room we are going to bend down to access a new corridor, we will use the scissors on the tape If we have not done it before, here in the corridor there is a closed door with a mother holding a child in her arm, with the object of relief we can open the door, a place where the feeding with light in the area is discovered, which leads us to find the fuse in the bedroom, we can hide under the bed.

Having then the fuse, we must return, only that on the way we will be holed by the monster baby, which will make us return to the bedroom, we have to hide under the bed, while a space is opened to us to get out of here, once we are in the elevator we put the fuse, and we can use the elevator before the baby reaches us again.

In conclusion, knowing How to escape the monster baby is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moved Resident Evil Village.

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