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If you want to know how to counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege, in the following article you will find everything you need to know.

Who is Flores at Rainbow Six Siege?

He is one of the newest operators in the game, which will use special drones that have the ability to detonate and damage devices, soft walls and other players. With this in mind, there are many players who probably do not know how to deal with Flores, so here we will tell you how to counter Flores in the easiest way possible.

How to counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege?

The first thing you should keep in mind, this to be able to play as Flores, you will need to get the Crimson Heist Battle Pass. You will be able to find Flores available through Renowned Unlocks after completing the pass.
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    Its main device is the RCE Ratero Charge, which will allow you to deploy explosive-type drones, capable of traveling around the map for a limited time before exploding, although this explosion can be activated manually before time runs out.

    When one of Flores' drones is in its detonation phase, it will stick to whatever surface it touches, making it bulletproof. So you won't be able to get rid of one that's about to be explored if you shoot it.

    Fortunately, and despite the fact that drones are truly intimidating, there are some operators capable of reducing the threat they cause.

    A difficult counterattack for Flores is Mute, who, as with any other electronic device, his signal blocker will prevent Flores's drones from getting too close to key locations, so you will have to place them strategically. Or you can get by shooting them after they are stuck, as long as they are not in the detonation phase.

    On the other hand, Bandit is more of a soft counter for Flores and her drones, with its electric batteries you will have the ability to block drones from key locations, which will be destroyed by touching electricity.

    That's all you have to know about how to counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege, we hope this article was as helpful as possible, and you manage to counter Flores easily.

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