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2021-03-18 07:38:30

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If you want to know how to open a graveyard in Mundaun, in this guide we will cover everything you need to know about it, so stay tuned.

What is the graveyard mission in Mundaun about?

This is a mission that you can access after visiting the place of death of your grandfather, for this you will have to go to his grave in the cemetery, but not only will a visit be enough, but you will have to solve several riddles of exploration if you want to enter.

How to open the graveyard in Mundaun?

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    The first thing you have to do is go through the closed tunnel that will prevent you from going to the mountain. To do this you will have to go behind your grandfather's house and walk until you reach the mountains, where you will find an area that you can climb, but it is not a real road.

    At the top you will be beyond the tunnel. You will find a girl on the cliff overlooking the cemetery and whom you will have to approach. She throws a paper airplane towards the church next to the cemetery and returns to the church to find the letter that she threw.

    The card is basically a clue that to open the graveyard you will have to use the sun and the church to unlock a key. In clearer words, you will have to walk to the cemetery and look for a large rock covered with moss, moss that you must clean to find the key to the cemetery and be able to complete the mission and move on.

    That's all you need to know about how to open the graveyard in Mundaun, we hope we have helped you complete this mission as quickly as possible, and you can move on as soon as possible.

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