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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-01-21 00:50:42

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We have been testing Rainbow Six Extraction and in this article we will tell you who are the best operators, so let's get to the point at once.

 First of all, you need to know that there are a total of 18 operators in the game right now, many are taken from Rainbow Six Siege and although they are all good and balanced, some are a bit better than others. This is why we have put together a top 5 for you.

Who are the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction? - Lion and Finka

This operator's EE-One-D Drone will be able to scan all moving enemies within a certain radius. The scanning area of his drone can be increased and its recovery time can be reduced over time.

He is a powerful member that you will want in your team, as he is fast enough for any task, but at the same time he is silent.

Finka is the healer, as she has the ability to heal team members even when they are not near her.

Her Adrenal Surge ability heals her teammates automatically and she can revive herself at level 5 by killing if she gets hurt.

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For each enemy you kill you will recover 5 HP until you can stand up after recovering your health.

Who are the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction? - Hibana

This operator's main weapon is a built-in suppressor with which he will be able to dominate in situations where stealth is very important.

The sticky bombs he has will be able to defeat Smasher or Apex Zombies at higher difficulty levels.

Who are the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction? - Sledge

He has a Hammer that can stun powerful enemies like Smasher at higher levels. He can also save his team from difficult situations by opening new paths and holes for them to escape.

Who are the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction? - Vigil

Vigil's Cloak can make you invisible for a few seconds, which you can take advantage of in many ways. His cloak can also make nearby teammates invisible for a longer period of time, for this you will need to upgrade it to the maximum.

Now that you know who the best operators are in Rainbow Six Extraction, we hope you can put together the best team squad in the entire game so that nothing can stop you.

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