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Just in time for this new season of Fortnite, we put together this guide to tell you how to find wolves.

What are Fortnite wolves?

It is one of the four new species of animals that you can find on the map and that were added in the new season of the game. Wolves are the fiercest and if you are bold enough to want to look for them, in this guide you will find the answer, because we will tell you how to find wolves.
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    How to find wolves in Fortnite?

    Wolves are prone to materialize in groups of two or three near mountains and hills, so we recommend paying attention to the southern part of the map, whose topographic characteristics allow you to find wolves. But it's the area encompassing Weeping Woods, Misty Meadows, and Lazy Lake that seems to serve as a spawning point for wolves.

    It is also necessary to have to visualize the sound effects in the audio settings and make sure that it is 100 percent, since these animals make various noises, and the indicators that turn on the function will get a very clear indication when one is close.

    If you want to get involved with the game's new crafting system, then you will have to eliminate the animal, which will allow you to obtain meat and bones which can have various purposes.

    Or you can just tame the cheer and make it good company for the duration of the game. To do this you will have to get food, specifically meat, that comes from other wild animals. When you have it you will have to throw it near the creature and then interact with it to make it your ally.

     Now that you know how to find wolves in Fortnite, you are more than ready to find these dangerous creatures in the game and take advantage of them in any way you require.

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