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In Rainbow Six Extraction one of the most important communication actions will make you want to know how to ping enemies so pay attention

What is ping in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Ping is a tool that will allow you to mark both locations, elements and enemies to your companions or yourself, so that they can know where exactly what you marked is located.

How to ping enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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This is perfect, so you can tell your teammates where an enemy is and to mark them you will need to find the enemy first and place the reticle on them, be it a weapon or the recon drone's camera.

To ping, you will need to press the top button on the D-pad on PlayStation.

This will help you complete studies that appear throughout the game to ping nests, useful items for operators, and unknown enemies like the Bloater.

Pinging enemies with your recon drone will earn you extra experience points after you kill them at the end of the mission.

That's all you need to know about how to ping enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction, so we hope we've helped you understand how this tool works.

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