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Read on to find out what the objectives of Rainbow Six Extraction spiker studies are, because in this article we've got you covered.

What are the objectives of the Rainbow Six Extraction spiker studies?

They are a set of studio targets in the New York City region of the game and are related to Spikers, humanoid Archaeans that resemble Grunts, only their heads and hands are covered in spikes, allowing you to shoot the spikes out of their hands. The point is, we've covered all the spiker studio objectives so you know what to do in each one.

What are the objectives of Rainbow Six Extraction's spiker studios?

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  • Cover a Spiker with smoke

To complete this first challenge all you have to do is equip some operator with smoke grenades > access a raid and look for a Spiker, which usually appear in raids of moderate threat level, although not in all subzones.

To complete the challenge you will need to fire a smoke grenade near a Spiker to cover it with smoke.

  • Kill a Spiker before they fire suppressive fire.

This one is very simple to understand, as you will have to take out a Spikers before they fire suppressive fire, the best way to do this is with a stealth melee attack or a guy to the head. In case you alert them and they start shooting at you you will have to look for another Spiker that hasn't been alerted.

  • Kill Spikers with their weak points

The weakest point of these creatures is their head and it is easy to complete if you are stealthy enough, so don't alert them or they will ruin your chance. In case you do alert them and you are with a teammate, your teammate can distract them to draw fire while you shoot.

 Now that you know what the objectives of the Rainbow Six Extraction spiker studies are and you know what you have to do to complete them, all you have to do is start going after them to complete them as soon as possible.

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