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PUBG Mobile: How to rank up in Arena

2020-05-04 09:59:41

Find out How to rank up in Arena in this excellent and explanatory PUBG Mobile guide.

 The Arena range has reached PUBG Mobile, which brings with it 3 different maps and 2 new modes, all of which focus on overall ranking, only for a limited time, since April 21st it has certainly been working, only that this will be presented again on May 5, which still puts us in the position of having some time, in order to access a very significant reward, which makes it necessary to know how to rank up in Arena , in this guide we will find many details that will help us, we just have to pay close attention to the content that is going to be presented right now.

What to know about the Arena rank in PUBG Mobile?

In addition to being a motivating factor, the rank of Arena, so it brings with it the leaderboards and leagues, it is possible to access high-value rewards, in the same way as other ranking modes, while we advance through the leagues or divisions we will get additional rewards, it is also possible to access some suits that will be presented for a limited time, even some coupons that will be marked by the completion of some easy tasks, at the bottom of the main screen we have an icon, here entering where it says recommended tab we will get to a box that tells us to intensify battle.

The maximum number of points that we will be able to achieve is 50, where 3 battles won will be more than enough to carry out the marking of the 2 missions, so if we are good TDM shooters, we will not spend about 20 to 30 minutes in the battles of the arena for about 4 days, in this way we will be agreeing to obtain the dark operations suit, protection cards and have a better command of weapons during the same process, starting from the bronze rank we will be able to win the Sufficient and necessary points for each of the 5 divisions that we have in each of the leagues, we have that a classic cash coupon will be our first adequate reward, being distributed once we reach the gold category, while in the diamond category we go to access a hat, at the end of the event reaching the top 1000, we will earn a sandmaster badge, which will give us prestige and cause fear in those who are in teams with Trarios, let's see now How to rank up in Arena.

How to rank up in Arena in PUBG Mobile?

What we have to do is specifically make the choice of sand range, this being for 2 more slots below our tab than usual, this on the left side of the screen where the mode selection is made, this must Since we do not have the choice of which arena match we will meet in the qualification season, there is no separate range for the map and mode, so it is necessary to understand How to rank up in the Arena, for We have to be good in both situations and the understanding of the maps is essential, which will make us get a load that is in line with our way of playing in PUBG Mobile.

  • Maps: As for the maps we have that the arena is based on 3, where they are different in 2 modes, TDM and Assault, despite being the same they have different places on the maps.
  • Team Deathmatch: the location of this 4v4 is on the map of the warehouse, where the mission is to get 40 deaths as the first team, we have that the regeneration of health will be automatically, only that the LMG and the others Weapons with which we arrive will be with us and what we achieve by looting, it is possible to access equipment such as helmets on the flanks, only it is a very dangerous area and it is reached by climbing.
  • Assault: This is only found on the map of the city or the ruins, having the same foundations as that of Team Deathmatch, the city is a circular map, where the combat zones have variants in the middle, now in the case of the ruins, consist of a larger map, have long corridors and corridors.
  • Domination: In the search for How to rank up in Arena in PUBG Mobile, The location is the same city, where we have domination as a King of the Hill mode, here there is the lighting of 3 sections of the map at the same time and that We are going to occupy it by a member of the team that allows us to have access to their capture, achieving victory for the team that manages to capture 3 points.

This is how we finish our guide on How to rank up in Arena hoping that you can get the most out of PUBG Mobile, a very busy and entertaining game.

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