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Epic Games Store: How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

2020-05-04 10:15:13

Quick guide to learn how to enable multi-factor authentication in Epic Games Store

If you want to preserve everything you have stored and / or accumulated on the Epic Games platform, there is something called two-factor authentication (2FA) for that. In fact, if you want to continue taking advantage of the free Epic games, it is your duty to activate 2FA. Activating this function is very simple, so let's do it.

How to enable multi-factor authentication in Epic Games Store?

If you want to activate 2FA Epic, you must first have two things: an Epic Games account and a device that has an authentication app, the latter may be the most responsive that belongs to Google called "Authenticator". After that present these simple steps

  • Go to the Epic Games site
  • Login to your account
  • Click on your profile and enter Account
  • Select password and security
  • Choose the Two-Factor Authentication option
  • Click Enable Authentication Application
  • Scan the QR code with your authentication app
  • Enter the 6-digit security code

If you manage to complete this authentication, you will be able to add another security capability to your account, but you should remember these security keys very well because it is very likely that you will log in to Epic Games or even Fortnite debate to enter them.

In case of bugs Epica Games also has a helpful help section on 2FA.

Now that you have configured two-factor authentication for Epic Games Store, you will be able to continue downloading the free games.

You need to know how to enable multi-factor authentication on Epic Games Store because this is not the first time that the platform has pressured users to better protect their accounts from unauthorized access. In the past, players can earn a free emote in Fortnite by activating 2FA. It's probably about.This new boost is likely to target those users who don't have Fortnite and are only there for gifts.

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