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PUBG Mobile: How to complete Season 13 Week 3 Challenges

2020-05-22 12:47:44

PUBG Mobile is back with more news, we are going to discover How to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3

How to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3 in PUBG Mobile?

  The first thing that we must take into account is that it is usually necessary to carry out all the missions, they are a considerable amount but each one has its own benefits, it is also vital to do so since not all of us usually have the best statistics and these works could put us in a excellent position, counting that they are weekly missions and are present in the latest PUBG Mobile update.

It is important to note that here are free missions, missions of choice, and elite missions, they all have their characteristics and it is necessary if we really want to know how to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3.

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    What are the free missions from Season 13 Week 3 on PUBG Mobile?

     Here we get some particular missions, specifically because they are free missions that we can not waste, and they start as follows:

    •  Win 20 times in the arena: This is simply a mission of help that allows us to count on the fact that a single victory can count as 4, something that sounds a bit illogical, but that can be presented as an opportunity to advance, since 5 out of 5 wins we quickly managed to win all 20 times in PUBG Mobile.
    • Mission of choice: This is a mission we carry out and we have the freedom to choose the one that seems best to us and is also immersed in our search to know how to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3.
    • The need to culminate in the Top 20 in Sanhok: We continue our task of knowing how to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3, this work leads us to stay close enough to the first places for at least two weeks being in the PUBG Mobile classic mode even when they are struggling to keep us away from Miramar.
    • Collect an M4E1-A in just 2 Payload matches: This is a short-term mission, and it is that the M3E1-A is nothing more than a guided missile that will need to be collected, taking into account it is common to get us with this type of artifacts in PUBG Mobile and it is only possible to get it in Payload.
    • Completing at least 2 Brothers in Arms matches is required: This is a task for all of us to be satisfied enough, because our job is to match rookies with veterans, and thereby get some additional rewards, the rookie will get rewards for the veteran , where the experience is favorable for both parties.
    • It is important to land more than 1,500 meters from the plane on two occasions: This mission leads us to have to jump off the plane in a way that is unusual, here it is not necessary to get a nose dive, which if required is that we plan the time after falling from the plane, because we must keep a distance of 1500 meters on different occasions.
    • We must land on any rooftop in San Martin: This must be done in classic mode and must be done specifically in Miramar in PUBG Mobile, this is an interesting mission because we have many factors, on the one hand there is the possibility of falling on the rooftops, the detail is that These are scattered, they have different sizes, different shapes, the ideal is to opt for the one that is larger to fall comfortably with the parachute, on the other hand there is the possibility of contemplating the sunset of the sand storm, it is a work that It should be taken with caution, because we are at a point where knowing how to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3 are crucial.
    • It is required to open 4 air launches: This is undoubtedly a complex mission in classic mode and here it is ideal to opt for veteran players, this is because the risk is quite high for novices and they will have to depend on some tickets and tricks to achieve this, since the idea of ​​this is to have some fundamental elements such as a vehicle to get in and out quickly, smoke some cigarettes to cover the road while we go to the loot and patience because this does not happen in the blink of an eye eyes, the idea is to get snipers to be attracted, when they are fairly close it is time to throw a little smoke at them and proceed to go for our objective, the loot since that is the only thing we are looking for here, that if taking into account that it needs to be looted from a place where we can be and feel safe.
    • Eliminate 6 enemies with headshots: Knowing How to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3 is vital and this leads us to continue in the classic mode, since here it will be necessary to work with snipers since these are the most suitable to execute shooting at a certain distance, for this the best option we have is to get an assault rifle with a 4x scope, since it is a way of doing it quickly and without leaving traces.

    What are the Elite missions in Season 13 Week 3 of PUBG Mobile?


    •  Win 1 classic match wearing the Military vest: Our goal today is to know how to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3 and for this particular challenge it is necessary to be at level 3, at this point we need to win a match after having tracked and Obtained the armor, because this piece is simply crucial to advance, it is possible to obtain it at the Military Base or in Georgopol, the important thing here is that this is a loot that we can not miss, and even when we may not get it for our account there is an opportunity to take it away from another player.
    • Mission of choice: After this level 3 mission, it is required to carry out a mission of choice here if it is optional and necessary to know how to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3, therefore we do not offer details since we all do not do the same.
    • Eliminate 20 enemies using SMG in the classic mode: To achieve this objective, it will first be necessary to locate ourselves in Miramar, the ideal is to hit the buildings and alleys as this allows us to be more effective, for this mission it is ideal to land in some roof in Los Leones and proceed to execute the enemies.
    • Eliminate 20 enemies with SMG in the Sosnovka military base: This is one of the necessary tasks in our quest to know How to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3, it is necessary to perform it in the classic mode, we must focus on not straying too far, Well, this could cause us to be killed and what we must do is kill, so we will focus on the playground of the base and with the rifle we focus on aiming and shooting, considering that they are perfect places where quite a few targets are concentrated.
    • Eliminate 20 enemies using an SMG in Paradise Resort: Enemies are targets that place us in constant motion in PUBG Mobile, specifically Paradise Resort is a phenomenal place to do this execution, here we see some number of adversaries, which implies that eliminating the 20 that are necessary for our work on How to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3.
    • Eliminate 6 enemies with Kar98k: The Kar98k is an excellent sniper rifle, the ideal to master it, since it has a bolt as a mechanism of action and if we do not know how to dominate it can leave us open when we make a shot, the good thing is that it is a weapon that we can get anywhere and execute the 6 enemies we can do it in any mode.
    • Collecting the 4x Telescope: Knowing how to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3 leads us to carry out searches of various types, the 4x telescope is one of them and has a sufficiently varied use, it is not something that can be common in PUBG Mobile but it is possible to be attentive to the possible boxes of death, we can take it bearing in mind that it will be essential for some activity later.

     This is all we know about How to complete the challenges of season 13 Week 3 considering that PUBG Mobile is a very busy game and it generates some work for us.

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