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2020-11-25 08:46:24

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If now that you have PS5 you are wondering how to fix error code CE-108255-1, this article will help you correct it.

What is PS5 error CE-108255-1?

This is one of the most serious problems with the new Sony console, this is because the error is not currently being recognized by the format support, which, as you can imagine, is to worry if you do not know what to do.

How to fix error code CE-108255-1 in PS5?

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If you have encountered the "Something went wrong with this game or application" error message related to this error code, we unfortunately have to tell you that there is no available solution for this problem.

There is no workaround, much less on the part of the developers. So the best thing you can do is contact Sony technical support to report the problem and hopefully get help.

  That's all there is to how to fix error code CE-108255-1 in PS5, we hope the developers are working on fixing this issue as soon as possible and we have a solution as soon as possible.

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