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Knowing how to beat Calyrex is a necessary task in Pokemon The Crown Tundra and here we tell you how to achieve it.

Who is Clayrex in Pokemon The Crown Tundra?

This is simply a legendary creature that has been incorporated into this expansion, it is simply immersed in history which leads us to consider the possibility of informing ourselves about How to beat Calyrex, since this allows us to fight a little and continue not only to fight nothing more if not to capture it, so keep reading because this gets interesting.
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How to beat Calyrex in Pokemon The Crown Tundra?

At the beginning our first encounter with this creature is quite simple, because it is only necessary to focus on reducing our HP to progress, the detail is that this does not always happen in this way, which leads us to seriously consider each blow we are going to give in our work to know how to beat Calyrex and this is because we must take into account.


  •  We can choose to use a Pokemon of the dark or fire type to get to catch it.
  • Clayrex is a Psychic-type and Grass-type Pokemon.


 Catching clayrex is an interesting task that allows us to embark on an adventure that allows us to play by planting carrot seeds in Pokemon The Crown Tundra, which leads us to place them in a zone of nine, in such a way that on the one hand it is possible to get carrots from Shaderoot he has a Spectier steed or Iceroot carrots with a Glastier steed.


  •  Summoning Spectrier allows us to make Clayrex turn him into an icy Psychic type.
  • Summoning Glastier allows us to make Clayrex turn him into an icy psychic-type rider.


 Our goal is to be able to beat Clayrex, which places us before a serious enough task, since this involves embarking on a challenge that he has set us to catch him and this can be carried out in two variants for which it is voting to have Clayrex's Shadow Rider and this is because it has some interesting weaknesses, which leads us to consider making an excellent choice about our Pokemon used to know how to beat Calyrex, considering that using one that can be powerful enough it is not the most advisable at least for now.


 Clayrex Shadow Rider Weaknesses:

  •  Dark.
  • Ghost.


 Ice Rider Weaknesses:

  •  Fire.
  • Darkness.
  • Insect.
  • Rock.
  • Ghost.


 Clayrex is a creature that chooses to use everything it may have within its reach, which leads us to consider making use of a level 80 Pokemon, so it is necessary to avoid that our battle can drag on a bit and this is because it chose for using Giga Drain so that he can restore the health that we have managed to remove him, as he will seek to make use of Grim Neigh in Pokemon The Crown Tundra, an ability that allows him to increase his special attack, it is also vital to have a master ball since this can allow us to reduce his health and also catch him.

 This is all you need to know about How to beat Calyrex, as it is an interesting and somewhat complex task that in the end is favorable for us at Pokemon The Crown Tundra.

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