Lidia Rozo
2020-10-27 09:58:00

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Our guide today on Vigil The Longest Night lets us tell you how to forge.

What is the importance of forging in Vigil The Longest Night?

This is undoubtedly a vitally important task, since we are immersed in a game where there is the possibility of having a considerable amount of weapons, our task is to know how to forge since this gives us the opportunity to make improvements, even when This can be limited to only 4 weapons, but in some way it is favorable since we can place them as ready as possible and with that it is more than enough.
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How to forge in Vigil The Longest Night?

This is a task that makes us have to consider some elements before going through the task itself, in such a way that first of all it is necessary to get to Maye Town, to locate the blacksmith and Zachary since precisely the latter will tell us about The option of forging considering that on the one hand it is not possible to have more than 150 percent level in the game and also start forging materials called Precious Stones for which it is necessary to understand that there are 3 versions and they are the following:


  •  Small Shining Stone to level up an item by 1-3
  • Great Shining Stone to level up an item between 4-7
  • Shining Triangular Stone to level up and the idea to level 7.


 Our first work action to forge in Vigil The Longest Night leads us to improve the initial sword and for them it is necessary to turn it into the Initial Sword that can contain:

  •  Vigilant Sword
  •  50 Balance Damage.
  •   29 Attack.
  • 40 to Block absorption.


 Updating with Glowing Stones allows us to increase statistics and this reflects:

  •    1 Vigilant Sword.
  •   44 of Absorption Block.
  •   31.9 Attack.
  • 55 Balance Damage.

 Increasing the statistics is part of our work to know how to forge even when this may not represent a significant change, however this opens the possibility to make some considerable changes in a piece of armor in this way:


  •  The Watcher's coat.
  • It has 20 of Balance.
  • It has 4 Defense.


 and in this way this allows us to place some statistics that we can forge increasing its potentiality to:

  •    22 of Balance.
  •   4.4 Defense.
  •   1 of the Watcher's Coat.


 Knowing how to forge opens up the possibilities to make some considerable improvements in weapons and armor pieces in Vigil The Longest Night, because we usually get some decent weapons to which it is possible to improve with shiny stones and that somehow it is necessary to save them, especially because the pieces of the armor that we can improve are:


  •  Gloves.
  • The boots
  • The coat.

 Now that you know how to forge it is time to try it and see that it is an interesting activity that allows us to have the possibility of making improvements in Vigil The Longest Night.