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Pokémon Home: How to Get Pichu, Rotom, and more

2020-02-17 08:49:11

In Pokémon Home we are given the possibility of doing several things to make the Pokemon world a very attractive place and here we explain how to get Pichu

In this game we find a series of things that need to be done, among which the Mystery Gifts can be a fundamental object, since Pokémon Home brings some during the first months, which is why it is valuable to know how to obtain Pichu, as well as Eeve and Rotom, don't miss this guide that explains everything you need to know.

How to claim the mysterious gifts in Pokémon Home?

Pichu is one of the so-called mysterious gifts that we can claim here, and this is a really simple job once we have unlocked them, because this is very important and necessary to claim the gifts, because with that we access the gift box, then what that we will do in touching the one we want and claim it in order to be able to insert it in our box in Pokémon Home.

How to get Pichu in Pokémon Home?

Pichu is nothing more and nothing less than a mysterious gift that we can get here, for this it is necessary to make use of our folder, as well as of a characteristic application of our profile that really is not fully explained, our task here will only be to place our name and points on the main screen specifically where our folder appears because here is a blank space and obviously we can look at a Pokemon logo, where we will hear a brief explanation about the function for it, you just need to open and use the Pokemon Home application. We will touch the stickers that we observe here and proceed to choose one in order to place it, so that with this we achieve our Pichu objective, then we will only claim it because we already have Pikachu.

How to get Eevee in Pokémon Home?

Knowing how to get Pichu is fantastic but he is not the only mysterious gift since Eevee is also and we can claim it, this is a creature that requires an exchange that is random, where getting a random character is comfortable For this it is useful to get the option that is above the GTS, because there we place a Pokémon in the Winder exchange box and just wait to receive the character and thereby claim our precious gift.

How to get Rotom in Pokémon Home?

There are 3 mysterious gifts to get here and we have talked about 2 missing the third and it is Rotom, this turns out to be a bit more complex since we will necessarily have to make an exchange of a creature using the GTS system, in order to request another Random creature, and then to get it we proceed to claim our Rotom and thereby have reached our proposed goal today on How to get Pichu and with the two more watering in Pokémon Home.

Now that you know how to get Pichu, and even two other mysterious gifts, it is time to advance in more details that this spectacular application called Pokémon Home can bring.

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