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Pokémon Go: Moveset for Regigigas

2019-12-27 12:31:05

Our article has the mission to provide support by explaining the movement sets for Regigigas in Pokémon Go.

In Pokémon Go we have that Regigigas is here since November, to access to the pokemon first and catch it was necessary $7.99, by buying a ticket to participate in an event, but then it is available for everyone in the EX raids in a time limit, to know the set of moves for Regigigas we have the details covered by this article, so it will not be a problem that we learn everything related to this, so let's see the next content.

Are the move sets for Regigigas in Pokémon Go?

All Regigigas moves are included:

Regigigas is a normal type Pokémon, which makes it weak for fighter type moves and resistant to ghost type ones.

The Regigigas moves are as follows:

- Zen Headbutt (charge)

- Thunder (load)

- Hidden power (fast)

- Giga impact (load)

- Focus Blast (load)

He's weak for fighting type moves and resisting ghosts, being a normal type pokemon.

What is the best attack move of Regigigas in Pokémon Go?

Once we use this pokemon, to have as main offensive attack should be the hidden power, be of greater range to the stubborn zen, now if we look for a fast attack the zen Headbutt will be the ideal, now for a charging one, the Giga impact will be the right one, causing decent damage to our opponent, only that we have to damage him strategically and that we leave Regigigas during the combat open to more attacks.

We have in Zen Headbutt the most difficult option, being this a psychic move, knowing that this pokemon is weak for combat, will be the ideal to use with any type of fighter we face, in each occasion of the possible charge moves of Regigigas the Giga Impact will be the one he has to use, where we will continue with the Focus Blast and Thunder, in the case of charge this Thunder is the weakest, in the case of damage impact, Hidden Power is the best option, we have to handle them with balance

We come to the end of this explanation in our article, as this of the set of movements for Regigigas in Pokémon Go, so we hope that this content will be useful.

iOS, Android
Augmented reality, location-based game
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Release date:
July 6, 2016

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