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The activities are latent in Pokemon GO and so today we are going to talk to you about How to get shiny Nuzleaf, let's see.

What is the Bright Nuzleaf in Pokemon GO?

This game has allowed us to get involved in the most recent celebration event, which started this February 20 and has been called "Kanto Tour", in this sense, knowing how to get shiny Nuzleaf allows us to become a Pokemon that already has some time in the game and that today we can get it with an interesting makeover in order that it can look a little more sympathetic even when it is a little strange, although it is true this creature has actually been seen very little , the first time is worth remembering, and it was during the 28th "Community Day" special event, specifically May 24, 2020, and it's time to get it on with some sparkle.

How to get shiny Nuzleaf in Pokemon GO?

The Shiny are usually found in nature when we make some research advances, when we finish an event or simply from the raid bosses, however, the Shiny Celebi can be somewhat more complex and are not usually achieved permanently, as some evolved creatures They cannot be captured in its Shiny form, in this way they can only be obtained by capturing some version of a Pokémon of a basic level, and from there begin its evolution process, so knowing how to obtain shiny Nuzleaf can simply be an arduous process and which offers us the possibility of feeding you 25 candies.
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    The chances of finding a Shiny Pokémon can vary and are as follows:

    • During 1 out of every 20 special events such as the “Community Day”, the rest of the possibilities drop to 1 in 400 possibilities.
    • The basic way to find Shiny shapes in the main games is 1 of 4096 which makes it possible to eventually get the creature in Pokemon GO.
    • The special dates are the best option to know how to obtain bright Nuzleaf because the evolution in these days makes this process of obtaining it can happen more regularly.
    • Making use of the breeding method is another alternative that we can use, and it presents us with an increase in possibilities of 1 out of 512.
    • Getting these creatures in the wild is our best option so before trying to get involved in other things, it is clear to make raids.

    Unfortunately these creatures appear with their normal coloration on the map, the idea is to touch the capture screen when viewing them to determine if they are Shiny, because these are not usually revealed, in this sense, choosing to touch all the Seedot is vital and When locating it, we must confirm to catch it and proceed to feed it, because as we give it candy, and it reaches the amount of 25 it evolves into bright Nuzleaf. We must consider all the possibilities of obtaining them, because exploring all the screenshots is vital even if we have one of these creatures in our inventory. In this sense, we must consider that for now there are no more "Community Day" events but if there are creatures to be caught in a Shiny way, at least we have the possibility of participating in the Community Day event that will start. This March 6.

    In this sense, knowing how to get bright Nuzleaf allows us to become another interesting creature in Pokemon GO.

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