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Pokémon GO: How to Get Remote Raid Pass

2020-04-16 13:32:56

Learn how to get Remote Raid Pass in this excellent Pokémon GO how-to guide.

What should we know about the remote Raid in Pokémon GO?

  Since the incursions were added years ago, they have become a component of the gaming experience that we can achieve, until this moment, a physical presence in the gym was necessary for the incursion, which was something that worked like a charm, but group meetings are no longer possible due to the current pandemic, to give some support to preserve the measures in this regard, it is ideal to know that the remote is possible thanks to Niantic, an important element that will allow the incursion, now if we want to understand how to obtain the Remote Raid Pass, we have to put our attention in this guide, since we will have in this present the guidelines to follow, now let's start

How to get the Remote Raid Pass at Pokémon GO?

Accessing a remote raid pass is easy, for this it is necessary to make the purchase in the Pokémon GO store, in case we do not see it yet we must wait for it to be available, as part of a Pokecoin the pass will be released, which It means that it will be a single purchase, so while it is available we must take advantage of it, otherwise the new passes will be in 100 Pokecoins each, taking into account future increases, to solve How to obtain the Remote Raid Pass, there is no equivalent for the free daily pass, so the purchase will be mandatory, with these passes it is likely that there will be some gifts later, in the same way as in the past, to have the highlighted items, buying the packages is the most viable option, when we have it is good that we understand how to use them.

 To join the raid with our remote pass, it is necessary that we find the gym on our screen or in the nearby list, in case we are at a long distance we will not be able to appear here, so we must relocate or at the time of the raid we have it closer to wait, when we have the possibility to join, we will choose the gym and we must zoom as always, thus having the respective information of the incursion, using the pass to join it, the distance represents certain limitations of people who will be able to join, in the same way as the reduction of damage, which there are reasons such as the coronavirus for these limitations to be eliminated, for this, it is normal for alterations to occur through an update, it is good to be aware of future data, here it will be possible to keep you informed about it.

 Knowing how to get the Remote Raid Pass is interesting, as it allows us to get around and have fun with the current situation in Pokémon GO.

iOS, Android
Augmented reality, location-based game
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Release date:
July 6, 2016

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